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Open Call for Submissions to Spine Dummy Award

3.7.2015 18:04

Spine invites photographers to participate in our international dummy award. This is an open submission for all photographers and a great opportunity to exhibit and realize unpublished work.
The contest is restricted to unpublished physical photobook dummy. Self-made or self-published books, scrapbooks etc will all be accepted. However, photobooks that have already been distributed and sold (with our without ISBN number) will not be considered.
An international jury will shortlist the best 30 dummies and they will in turn exhibited during Spine Festival 2015, 11-13 September, in Stockholm. The winning book will be announced during the Festival and an edition of 500 books will by printed by Göteborgstryckeriet in collaboration with Spine and the winner of the contest. The book will be published for release during the Spine Festival 2016 in Göteborg.
Submissions are free and accepted by surface mail during: 1 April – 30 July 2015.

Please, fill in the attached form (which you find at the bottom of this page) and send it together with your dummy to:

Stiftelsen Spine
Att: Dummy Award 2015 c/o Bokhandeln Konst-ig
Åsögatan 124
11624 Stockholm, Sweden

If you want Spine to send the dummy back to you after Spine Festival 2015 is over, please pay the shipping cost accordingly to the rates below:
Sweden: 155 kr Europe: 35 euro Worldwide: 35 euro
The payment has to be made to our paypal account: contact@spinefest.org Be sure to specify your name so it matches you application name when making the transaction so we know where to send it.
Those submissions that do NOT have paid return postage will be kept at the Spine Foundation until 11 December 2015. After that date Spine holds no responsibility for the dummies. It is possible, however, to pick up your dummy at our office between: 15 September – 31 December 2015 after having made an appointment. Please make sure to email us in advance in order to do so!

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