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Persuading the vital theme of her work - Life of the gypsies - for more than...

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I am in charge of the photography for the french tour operator Nouvelles Frontieres.We publish a lot of catalogs each year and
and we are now working on our next ?brochure Circuits 2006?. In this edition, we have the project to publish for each country , one picture taken by a local
We are looking for all kind of subjets : human, landscapes, way of life, portraits, etc...
It could be color or W&B, high or large, the most important is the artistic quality of the picture..
I am looking for a personnal work, an artistic work.

I would like to have a contact with this photographer.

I hope you will be able to help me in my research ?

Thanks a lot for your answer,
Best regards.

Noelle Thery
01 45 68 70 30
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